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Appertaining to the Quail incubation eggs marketed by to be hatched in the uk

This can be a complex subject, as i have said before i suggest you use no water at all throughout incubation, once all the chicks have broke through the outer shell you can then add some luke warm water to the water trays of your incubator, once you have done this do not remove the lid or open the incubator door until 6-12 hours after the hatch

If you can afford an incubator with humidity reader and moisture introduction control the setting usually is 40% once shells of eggs broke adjust to higher 50% relative humidity

During incubation eggs should loose 12-16% of their weight, with quail eggs this is difficult to measure as the eggs are so small, if you are incubating many eggs it is easier as you can take an overall weight of many eggs

Weight loss is due to humidity levels, if you keep water within the incubator during the first 15 days you are unlikely to acheive adequate weight loss

Inadequate weight loss of egg contents at hatch day will result in oversize developed chicks, when the chick trys to break shell there is not enough air area within the shell for the chick to move its head to broke the shell or breath sufficiently, also the chick is so large it has no room to move, to chip round the shell, for many hours before they break shell the chick will noticeably be moving within sometimes you may be lucky to see eggs rock with the chicks force from 30 hours before hatch.