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The Quail are Game Birds mentioned in the Bible, we call any birds living in their existance their Galliform also findable Genetically using DNA similarity. Genetic traits can be seen without the need for scientific laboratory expertise, their behavioral instinct, their mating activity to one another and relationships with other birds are some of what gives them a unique identity, their nearest galliform is the pheasant.

Our mainstay business is breeding the Coturnix Japonica Quail it is capable of producing many offspring each year, Coturnix Japonica give production of eggs for minimum feed input, the nutritional value of quails eggs can offer part of a balanced diet they also make an adequate meat table bird with a full grown weight of 14 ounces maximum at 12 weeks of age these can also be sold to you for resale via your pet shop or food wholsale outlet.

Surplus quail for feeding raptors or snakes are available.

Our birds are within secure buildings that have new constuctional cages that allow the birds to gain a higher level where there is a choice of nest box a resting and roosting area with fixed perching for their additional comfort water and feed is fed daily, the chick hatchlings are kept warm in a fully lined rearing facility, once they are fledging at 2-3 weeks they are often moved to a brooding facility on the farm, brooded to laying age in the tier brooding system for their security and growing comfort to prevent contamination of the chick shed

There are 10 breeds of quail on the farm, can you delve further into the site for more reference to them

The experience and passion involved with Quail dates back 36 years and began with a few quail a hobby. After a second quail house at the Writtle holding was built (2003) the extra housing and incubation equipment allowed increased production of quail. During 2008 production of 70,000 egg pieces was achieved, it was not long before a move was imminent so now we are at the Paslow Common Farm site.

Sales of eggs have been growing, intentions to supply interested purchasers are for customers the sectors such as; private catering, hotel managers, restaurant operators, government sectors, catering contractors, larger retail operatons including Mini markets.We are at present a help you as public - through information and your purchasing ability from this site.

Our farm site is adequate for our current production demand, allow therefore the best prices possible, if you use eggs and birds supplied from our Quail business you have best value for money .

Coturnix Japonica laying Quail known to many as Japanese quail, the prominent bird for egg and meat production.

Coturnix Tuxedo/Tibetan. Some established as original from the United States of America. we find them living neerer to home sometimes in the wild

Coturnix Golden Quail.Known by many as Italian quail, Egg producer.

Coturnix Egiptian Quail. Slightly lighter more sandy colour than the golden quail

Coturnix Coturnix White Quail. Quite suited as meat producing birds, they lay eggs readily.

Butler Quail from 4 strains, Bob White, Mexican Speckled, Tennessee Red and Pure White. The Butler breeds are strong in flight strong in leg, allowing good take off. These quail are suitable for meat or eggs, the eggs have pure white shell colour easy to maintain free of contamination seeing the egg shell prior to eating is important to some people.

Californian Quail the more exotic ornamental species, Young growing stock available through the summer months.

Take a look upon Quail pictures or the Sights & sounds you can view a video clip of the Japonica quail.

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