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5 week old coturnix quail birds


japanese chicks
Hatching quail eggs, japanese & fawn chicks


Coturnix Japonica, Golden Italian, Tuxedo, English A&M White the meat breed.

Japanese Quail at day old £80 per 100

Collection only

Surplus growing cocks for meat £1.30 each minimum order qty 50

Chicks and growing Quail birds available March to September

Electronic mail. Quail purchasing enquiries, info@quails-in-essex.co.uk

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Prices for 2022

Coturnix Laying strains speckled natural mottled markings on egg shells

Adult birdsJaponica Coturnix Golden ItalianItalian Coturnix

TuxedoBritish Coturnix Coturnix WhiteWhite Coturnix

The Coturnix breed pictures offer insight to some feather types

1 x 7 week old, Female £7.00 Male £5.50

1 x 6 week old, Female £6.50 Male £5.00

1 x 5 Week old,(hardy during summer months at this age) Female £5.50 Male £4.00

1 x 4 week old, Female £4.50, Male £3.00

1 x 3 week old Female £3.50, Male £2.00

1 x 2 week old sex as hatched, £

1 x 1 week old sex as hatched, £

Day old
chick sex as hatched £1.20 .....100 rate = £80.00

For egg, meat, hobby and fancy bird keepers, available from farm and available for your acceptance

Quantity discount 100 x 3 week old Japonica males £ 80.00

Quantity discount 100 x 6 week old Japonica males £120.00

Butler Quail for white shell egg production

Bob White quail Northern Bob White Butler quail Cocks have white head markings hens are buff head markings

Day old Butler quails £90 per hundred as hatched unsexed booking necessary
Growers available throught the breeding season March-November

Adult Northern Bob White quail for the aviary or domestic enclosure

Males £15

Females £20

Bobs good for meat they are a gamier bird with longer thinner legs than the Coturnix

Butler Quail available from day old during the spring/summer season.

Mexican Speckled Butler quail

Mexican quail

Males £15

Females £20

Tennessee Red Butler quail

Tennessee quail

Males £15

Females £20

Butler snowflake white quail

Snow white butler

Males £15

Females £20

All prices are for birds collected

Delivery by personal courier only! where required and requested