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We are looking for permanent staff members to be involved with Game keeping. A part time representative to market the eggs, those dutys for the positions involve the succesful applicant or applicants in duty

Record keeping- The laying quail flocks. The hatching and rearing procedure, monitoring of the farm to identify tasks and jobs to ensure productivity.

Cleaning out of all the house manure tidying of facilitys and general upkeep

Feeding and watering day to day care of the avian species

Collecting of and labeling of fertile eggs packing & dispatching of the eggs to customers through the local post office and shippers

Collecting of the caterers eggs, domestic product hygeine, packaging and delivery of the eggs to shops and wholesale depots

Applicants need to hold a clean drivers licence.

Setting of incubation eggs, monitoring of the incubators, changing the eggs at the right time to hatching.

Management of the raising of chicks and brooding time, Grower bird management, management of the laying flocks

Handler Sales customer enquiries rep work, selling and marketing to existing clients and new business, stock control skills involvement

You would need to adhear to a work contract after an introduction period, we are a professional registered farm holding, things would be busy at times and you would be expected to raise to any challenges met in the line of work.

Office facility, vehicles and communications devices will be part of your working tools package depending on your role at the time, alongside all farm facilitys, you will be expected to get on well securing our long standing customer base.

Recognised qualifications would be advantageus

If you are grade NVQ recognised so much the better, if you need training or are under performing due to a training need, with a keen interest to develop you will start on a basic wage for your person, we can acheive by taking apprentices if you are willing to take the action necessary to make us a success, we would help in your development.

To be involved please call for or email for an informal chat. Stephen Bonnett 07719584889 and submit your application to our email address if you wish to be appraised for a future position with the company Blue Bridge Engineering Limited were Quails in Essex Is part of, we look farward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,


Stephen Bonnett