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fresh quail eggs
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We suggest using the 3 day delivery option (1st class post) however if you require your eggs delivered using a faster service you could buy here opting special delivery.

If you are choosing to purchase fresh eggs they will be delivered in a a suitable packing cardboard box similar to the picure on this web page sometimes we may use alternative outer packaging or polystyrene, the eggs are given a shelf life of 3 weeks from day of dispatch, please keep at catering room temperature ten centigrade once received if they are not for immediate consumption.

Cooking of your eggs - for boiled eggs you will need to simmer some water then lower carefuly the eggs into the water so you do not get burnt, the time they must be in that constantly simmering water must be 4.30 minutes you can then take them out and cool using fresh water to a temperature you are comfortable peeling them at, luke warm can work well. For best results use fresh eggs and be careful not to break the eggs before they go into the water. Once the eggs are cooked and peeled they need have a limited shelf life maximum of 24 hours in a sealed container refrigerated

Coturnix Japonica speckled eggs

Quail eggs 3 day despatch and deliver
Quail eggs 3 day despatch and deliver
Quails eggs special delivery next day

Butler quail eggs pure white shells

Standard 3 day despatch and deliver
Special delivery


Shops & Markets visit these for purchasing eggs


DS Eagle Butcher, 9 Wellfields, Writtle, Essex.

L Buckle Butcher, 33 Hutton Road, Shenfield, Essex CM15 8JU

D&G Hepburn Butcher, 269 Roman Road, Mountnessing, Essex
CM15 0UH

Nags Head Market, 22 Seven Sisters Road, London N7 6AG, Tel: 020 7607 3527

Barleylands Farm Shop, Southend Road, Billericay CM11 2UQ 01268 288886

also at East Ham Market and other East London locations

The best way for us to ensure the eggs are kept clean from contact with contaminants is using our unique cages, once laid the eggs roll down to the collection area or are collected daily. With a two level housing system introduced for most of the quail during 2012 the birds are free to nest, scratch, perch or run around on the mesh floor as they wish, fresh water and feed is available to them at all times to ensure healthy happy birds that are in that way cared for and prepared to lay a good quantity of eggs

Japonica coturnix quail eggs

Recent test figures

Vitamin B1 0.2mg/100g

Vitamin B2 0.42mg/100g

Calcium 569mg/kg

Iron 25.4mg/kg

Farming of quail is important explainable, livestock farms are able to exchange the vegetable nutrients of plant life to various protein and vitamin forms beneficial to humans as a varied diet, good health can be achived by a varied diet and regular exercise

Quail eggs are different in some ways and due to their size you could find it easier to abide by colesterol intake recomendations resulting with less food waste.


Quails-in-essex, Paslow Common Farm, Ingatestone, Essex CM4 0JY

Please note - eggs purchased from this page are not suitable for hatching

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