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If you keep quail or are going to keep quail you will most likely need to think about purchasing these products

Quail breeder pellets a feed for the adult quail is now either £1 a kilo or £15 for 25 kg bulk sack

Feed for the birds will have to be obtained locally collection of quail can be combined with feed puchases and egg packaging come back for feed if you like depending on your distance to us

Wooden transport crates Available for the transportation of quail in a kind environment is a new crate designed and assigned into production by ourselves the container holds up to 20 adult quail, with a holding time of 2 hours more holding time is possible using more crates for transportation of the birds if the weather is hot you also need to provide fresh water.

If you have no transport container suitable when you arrive to collect grown birds you may need to buy one from us a £40 deposit, will secure one, they are not designed for quail aged lower than 5 weeks any of my crates that go missing without payment will have the government gun put on them you can bring them back as an amnesty

Transporting younger chicks needs a suitable chick box with non slip floor wood chip is great stuff to use saw dust is off the menu for quail it is to fine you wont want to make their eyes suffer newly hatched chicks can be transported for up to 20 hours providing they have adequate warmth

quail crate

Quail egg pack plastic cartons

Sold in a quantity as required counted from a bulk quantity for domestic use used by you or our egg department, bulk cases available.

They pack nicely the eggs for the restaurants, shops, markets, point of sale.

Egg cases

Pickled egg Jars

You could boil and pickle quail eggs in vinegar hygenicaly store them for later use.

Pickled quail egg jars